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Website Design

The following pages can assist you in planning, design and layout of a website that will be search engine freindly.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about 'look', but concentrating on the general architecture and content, always keeping in mind how the page will act and react in terms of the major search engines. A job well done here will yield a ROI that is many times over the cost of the page.

The following pages will cover the main areas of website development that you will want to consider.
  • Website Design

    •  Website Organization. 

      • Page Content
      • 1 Topic - 1 Page
      • Page Size (individual)
      • Sub-Divide Content for greater exposure and higher ranking
      • What Goes Where
      • Tie It All Together

    •  Questions to Consider. 

      • Where Are You Now?
      • What Are The Goals Of The Web Site?
      • Who Is Your Target Audience?
      • What Is Happening In The Marketplace?
      • What Is My Content And How Should It Be Organized?
      • How Are You Going To Maintain Human Relationships In The Digital World?
      • What Do You Want Your Site To Look Like?
      • Where Is The Site To Be Hosted?
      • How Is The Site To Be Updated?
      • How Are You Going To Drive Traffic To Your Site?
      • What Are The Success Criteria For Your Site?

    •  Successful Site. 

      • Opening Page
      • Navigation
      • Location, location, location (where have I heard this one before?)
      • Graphics
      • A Search Engine Or Site Map
      • A "What's New" Section
      • Updates
      • Feedback Forms
      • Order Forms
      • Privacy policy
      • Mailing Lists
      • Linking Instructions
      • Search Engines
      • Advertising
      • Testing

    •  Choosing Keywords. 
      • Meta Tags
      • Title
      • Description
      • Key Words
      • Page Heading Tags (H1,2,3,4,5)

    •  Website Worksheet. 
      • Site Layout
      • Content
      • Graphics
      • Work Sheet Sample

    •  Newsletter benefits. 
The Search Engine Tamer Talk to a live positioner (916) 373-9280