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Web Hosting Services

Listed below are Positioin Master's hosting plan options and pricing for each one.

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with NT Hosting and ASP components

12 month prepaid - discount 10%

SQL 7.0
Data Transfer (MB/mo)

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

** The fee to register a new domain name is $70.00. This will register the domain name with the InterNIC for the first two years. After that the InterNIC will charge you $35 per year per domain. Billing for domain names is done directly to the client from Internic. There is no charge to modify an existing domain name.
To inquire about the availability of a particular domain, please click here.

UCC Position Masters ACCEPTS INTERNATIONAL ORDERS paid in U.S. dollars! For hosting services, payments may be made with a major credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD). To quickly check the current exchange rate for your currency, go to the online Universal Currency Converter.
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Valid domain names are 26 character maximum including the 4 characters used to identify the top-level domain such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU, .GOV , may contain letters, digits, and a dash,cannot begin or end with a dash. A Web site domain like www.yourcompany.com must be submitted as yourcompany.com WITHOUT the quotes and the www in front.
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