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Search Engines Defined

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Search Engines / Directories?

  • You can divide the major internet portals into two categories, Search Engines and Search Directories. Search Engines send in automated robots to categorize your website. Directories send humans to inspect and decide if your site is worthy of a listing.

  • The major directories are Yahoo, Netscape's open directory, DMOZ open directory project and, of course, MSN. If you're wondering why I left out directory's like AOL, it's simply that AOL, Yahoo and others get their results from the likes of Inktomi and DMOZ. Therefore, if you get listed in one of those, you will be listed in AOL and Inktomi powered Yahoo. Internet search engines include (but are not limited to) Alta Vista, Excite, Magellan, Webcrawler, Hotbot, Thunderstone, What U Seek, Lycos, and others. Now toss in the metacrawler's like Metacrawler, and Dogpile.

  • These search engines search a variety of other directories and search engines and compile a categorized list of results from major search engines and directories based on the relevance of your search criteria. (We like to use these metacrawlers as an example of our services effectiveness and it saves you some time as each individual search engine can only produce results on sites that have been submitted to their service.), although some search engines send their spiders out on independent searches to fill gaps in requested searches by their users.
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    What's A Spider?

  • A spider is a program that enters your website and categorizes the information contained in the site and determines your sites ranking in search requests by users.

  • Unfortunately, each spider has it's own personal agenda as it indexes your site. Some utilize META tag keywords, another may use the beta description of your site, and some use the first sentence or paragraph on your sites homepage.

  • In other words, a page that ranks well on one search engine may not rank as well on another. (By the way, we have solutions for this)

  • This is where our service comes into play. The Position Masters staff constantly monitors the search engines , subcribes to a myriad of subject related periodicals to keep updated on any changes in search engine  behavior. Search engines  are always refining spider programs to assure their users receive the most relevant returns to search criteria. New search engines and directories are appearing on the internet all the time and we do our best to keep abreast of these and add your site to the new search engines as they appear.

  • Starting to sound a little complicated? Well, it is. That's why you need a service like ours. Sure, you can do this yourself by utilizing a program like Web Position  from FirstPlace Software. We use it ourselves and recommend it. You can download (a trial version, good for 30 days). However we're sure the time you invest would outweigh the cost of our service. It all depends on how much time you have to get passed the learning curve (It's a bunch).

    The Search Engine Tamer Talk to a live positioner (916) 373-9280