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Search Engine
Positioning Explained

  • Search Engine Positioning is the act of massaging various aspects of a website or webpage to closely align with the search criteria of a specific search engine. This is acomplished primarily through the use of META tags, keywords, description, content, headings, HTML tagsComments / e-Mail and more.

    All of this information is generated via comparisons between the top websites in any search term category a webpage or site is being optimized for top ranking. A laborious project at best.

  • Submission is a part of positioning. Submission is simply submitting a website to search engines, directories and FFA sites. Position Masters submits to the major engines and directories 'by hand'. There are a multitude of 'free' or shareware programs that will do this job 'automatically', but some engines recognize the difference between a human and a program and will reject the programmed submission.

    We NEVER recommend submission via any of these submission programs. You may use a submission program as a reminder of the major search engines and to get to the engine submission page, but from there on it's all done by hand.

  • Our goal is to provide our customers with a reliable, cost effective solution to the complex problem of search engine site rankings, along with a site maintenance program of minor site changes and/or updates and re-submission which helps to ensure top ranking in one or more of your website keyword categories and keeps them there.

  • I recently came accross an article in InternetDay e-zine written by Bob Anderson of  which explains from a site owners point of view, pretty much exactly what the act positioning encompasses and more importantantly, what the results of positioning provide.

    Here is a snippit...
      "How did we do it? We did it with a lot of hard work and reliance on the experience and expertise of those that have gone before. We paid attention to all the marketing tips (relying heavily on our daily dose of Internet Day) and they paid off. Here's a run-down of some of the things we learned that worked for us."
    Click here for the full article.

    Search Engine Positioning Explained
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