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Small Business Positioning

 Positioning for Small Business can compete with the big boys. 

    Small business typically does not have the advertising dollar to compete with the big boys. That is NOT true in the case of the major search engines. Position Masters helps to level that playing field on the internet via positioning those small business to rank well (ranking is key) in the top results of a search engine search and most times can beat the big boys.

    Where you want to be is on the top of any search result, in the first 10 at a minimum, those are the ones that get the clicks.
Positioning, unlike advertising, done right, do it once and it just keeps on producing and producing. 

    If you're a small business operator and have a website, then you must consider the long term benefit of investing in a good positioning plan, why, you ask?

    •  ROI . Invest in having your site positioned at rates far lower than you may think, the return, depending on your products, can come back very quickly.

    • Over the long term, the investment is almost minimal.

    • Imagine a 200 page website and having each page rank in the top 10 under different search terms. You not only capture the searchers that search for the obvious applicable terms but many other less obvious.
Here at Position Masters, we not only can do that for you, but can prove it with actual real examples.

(calculated via the PFA method of hit positioning calculation)

The Search Engine Tamer Talk to a live positioner (916) 972-0368