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Website Positioning

If you have a website, you need positioning and ranking. Why?

  • Through enhanced page ranking and positioning you can gain a steady stream of targeted traffic to your website.

  • Unlike advertising, once positioned properly (no tricks) the traffic continues month after month without additional cost.

  • Having your site positioned is not the total answer, you must have a strong marketing program that may include paid advertising and a strong link exchange program in order to have your site achieve your goals.
Five Reasons to Use Position Masters:
    1. Our Guarantee.
    2. We get you top 20 categorical listings (Usually top 10).
    3. Top listings generate 'targeted' traffic.
    4. Targeted traffic translates into increased sales.
    5. We want your business.
Our goal is to give small business an affordable edge in the e-Commerce world via selective search engine submission and the more important task of positioning of websites.

Search engine positioning has evolved into (what some would say) an art and/or science to achieve categorical listing positions, thereby placing a website high up in a category ranking.

    Please ask yourself:
    • Why do I have a website?
    • What do I want it to achieve?
    • Who do I want to see it?
    • Are visitors, enmass, welcome?
    • __________________________? (fill in the blank)
    • What is the answer to life and the universe?
If any of your answers prove to be financial or traffic (hits) related, then website positioning and placement becomes of paramount importance to you. Clearly, you will profit from the services we offer here at Position Masters.  

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